Flowers in my hair demons in my head ☾

Victoria.18.I'm fucked up and this is where I keep my sanity.I'm still trying to find my peace of mind. I'm not pro ana or mia and I don't glorify eating disorders.This is where I express myself and only that.[WARNING:THIS BLOG MAY BE TRIGGERING AND NSFW]


Hey! Once you get this post 5 random facts about yourself and then send this to your 10 favourite followers

A question by our-broken-scissors

Hey! Thanks!! :D so let’s do it:

1) I speak to myself sometimes in english or french and they’re not my native languages hahaha weirdo… :p

2) I always take hot baths/showers,cold is the death for me even during summer. However, sometimes I have to take ice cold baths to burn calories and they’re a taste of hell ugh!

3) Whenever I see an animal on the streets I stop what I’m doing and go all “Awww, hello!! You’re so cute! Have a good day”. Yeah, I’m that retarted when it comes to animals hahaha

4) I like to caress trees and plants. I love to feel the texture of flowers or leafs. Also I speak to the plants while I touch them hahahah .-.

5) My visual perception works nonstop, I observe everything and while that I think of structures, colors, shapes, concepts that I can use on some of my art works.

That’s all I could think at the moment, thank you for sending me this! :3


Tomorrow I’m going back home. The trip was awesome appart from the eating part. Soon I’ll can do body checkup and see if I gained weight or not.